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Overview of CompuMaster Online Training

7/24/2014 10:36:41 AM ET
Welcome to CompuMaster Online Training
Different ways to learn at CompuMaster Online Training
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Additional Reference Information

Welcome to CompuMaster Online Training

Welcome to CompuMaster Online Training, the online learning community where students receive training in the hottest topics in the computing industry today.

Access to some features and departments described below may not be part of your subscription. If you cannot view certain features on the site, ask your administrator about feature availability.

Choose from hundreds of courses, divided into 11 departments:
  • Business
  • Databases
  • Design
  • Desktop
  • Internetworking
  • Net User and E-Business
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Webmaster
  • Workplace Safety

Being a part of CompuMaster Online Training means you're part of a community with others who have the same computing interests.

Different ways to learn at CompuMaster Online Training

CompuMaster Online Training is an online community where students receive training in the hottest topics in the computing industry today. We offer both online instructor-led courses and self-study courses to meet your training needs and support your learning style.

Online instructor-led Class Online instructor-led courses

We offer two types of online instructor-led courses: online instructor-led classes and online instructor-led workshops. Any books needed for a course are sold separately (see course materials).

  • An online instructor-led course is led by an industry expert, pertains to a specific computing topic, and generally runs from 4 to 8 weeks in length. Online instructor-led courses are held on the CompuMaster Online Training Student Site. You can log into CompuMaster Online Training and go to the course message board anytime to read lectures and assignments, post questions, and discuss coursework. In addition, these courses often include office hour chats with instructors and other class activities.

  • Online Instructor-led Workshops, like full-length online instructor-led classes, are led by industry experts and taught online using a message board. Workshops, however, focus on a specific skill in one or two concentrated weeks. There is a workshop "home page" where the central information about the workshop is gathered. The actual lessons and assignments are linked from this page and are outside the message boards. Students are sent into the message boards at the end of a lesson for interaction. No books or other materials are generally required for workshops. If a workshop does require a book, the requirements will be displayed when you register for the workshop.

    Self-study QuickSkill Self-study Courses

    A self-study course is taken at the student's convenience, where students can choose their own pace. Most self-study courses display information in small sections which allow students to learn the material incrementally. In this way, they progress through the course at a rate most suited to their needs. In addition, they can repeat lessons as many times as they want, reinforcing the material until it is fully understood.

    • QuickSkill gives you hands-on, interactive training as if you were actually in the real desktop application. There is no instructor or message board. Easy navigation tools let you control the pace of your learning experience by repeating a particular page as often as you choose, and moving ahead only when you’re ready. If you perform a hands-on task incorrectly, you’ll be prompted to try the task again, or let the task be done for you.

    • Seminars are a combination of audio and video presentations, but the majority of the content in each seminar is supplied via audio. Each seminar is approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. Understanding that training needs vary, we’ve created an Executive Series and a Technical Series to meet those needs.

    • TechExpert provides a mix of conceptual and procedural learning through online reading and interactivity. Our lessons begin with the “big picture” by introducing a concept through background information. We then present details and procedures in small, easy-to-understand segments, with a mix of interactive components.

    • Business and Management Skills courses feature our Harvard Business School and QuicKnowledge online learning series. Each course is divided into separate lesson tutorials that use a well-structured approach to explain concepts and procedures. Many courses provide check quizzes that help to summarize what has been covered during the education process. You’ll find that every lesson provides helpful information that you can put to use immediately in your own office environment.

    • Innovative Learning Method courses put you in control by providing the option to select the information you need, and to skip what you do not need. The content is organized based on how a job or task should be performed. Interactive media is used to effectively and efficiently support the subject at hand. Optional activities are provided in varying degrees of complexity to provide practice and feedback on the presented material.

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