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CompuMaster Online Training Course Completion Certificates

8/1/2014 7:50:35 AM ET
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

How to add or drop CEUs

CompuMaster Online Training Course Completion Certificate

What it means to be an auditor rather than a full student

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Although CompuMaster Online Training does not give grades, two forms of academic credit are available to students who complete CompuMaster Online Training classes: Continuing Education Units (provided through the American Council on Education) and course completion certificates (provided by CompuMaster Online Training).

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offer formal documentation, recognized by major institutions within the United States, that you've completed a class. The CEUs assigned to each class are based on the number of hours recommended to complete that class (10 hours = 1 CEU). See the class descriptions in the Course Catalog to find out how many CEUs are assigned to a specific class.

To qualify for CEUs, you must do all of the following:

  1. Register as a full student for a course. Audit students are not eligible for CEUs. (See What it means to be an auditor rather than a full student.)

  2. Indicate that you want to receive CEUs when registering for the course. You also can request CEUs after registration, but before the course has ended, by changing your CEU status. See How to add or drop CEUs for more information.
  3. Enter the classroom at least once a week every week the course is in progress. Enter the classroom from the My Courses page or from the course syllabus.

If you sign up for CEUs in a class and have successfully met the class attendance requirements, CompuMaster Online Training will send your name and coursework to the National Registry of Training Programs (NTRP) of the American Council on Education (ACE). Your record will contain a brief course description and the recommended number of CEUs.

Once your CEUs are recorded at the ACE, you can request a formal transcript of your studies to be sent to you or to your workplace (or some other institution). The ACE charges an additional (US)$10 per transcript for processing (subject to change without notice). Transcript requests should be sent to:

American Council on Education
Registry of Credit Recommendations
1 Dupont Circle
Suite 250
Washington, DC 20036

Include your name, social security number, the address the transcript should be sent, your signature and the processing fee for each transcript request.

How to add or drop CEUs

To sign up for CEUs when you register for a class:

  1. Follow the standard procedure for registering for a class. (See How to register for a class as a full student or auditor for a complete explanation.)

  2. When you click the "Register" button on the class description page, you'll be taken to a page where you select whether you want to register as a full student or as an auditor.

    *Note: You must be a full student rather than an auditor in the class to sign up for CEUs.

  3. On this same page, you'll find a section labeled "Do you want to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this course?" Click the Yes radio button to sign up for CEUs.

To add or drop CEUs after you've registered for a class:

  1. From the My Courses page, click the course title to display the course syllabus page.
  2. In the Course Activities box, click the Change registration link to display the Change Class Registration page.
  3. Click the check box labeled I would like to receive CEUs for this class.
  4. Click the Change Registration button.

*Note: You can sign up for CEUs as long as the class is still in session, but not once the class has ended. Also, if you sign up for CEUs after a class has started, you must still meet the full requirements for CEUs. That is, you must be in the classroom at least once a week during every week the class is in session, including any class weeks before you signed up for CEUs.

CompuMaster Online Training Course Completion Certificate

  • Every student who successfully completes a course is eligible to receive a course completion certificate for that course at no extra charge. Self-study courses are considered complete when all lessons have been completed. Online instructor-led training courses are not considered successfully completed unless a student logs in to the classroom at least once per week during the entire session. Note: If you finish the class early, or do not login to the class once a week, the Course Certificate link may not appear at the close of the class.

  • The certificate is in FDF format, so you will need the free Acrobat Reader (at least version 4.0) software from Adobe to view and print your certificates.

  • Please note: CompuMaster Online Training is not an officially accredited college or university, so the CompuMaster Online Training course completion certificates have no official standing with accredited educational institutions.

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